Expulsion of CBU students stinks – Msoni

By Staff Reporter

All Peoples Congress leader Nason Msoni says the merciless and ruthless expulsion of the Copperbelt university student union leaders by the PF regime stinks.

Party President Nason Msoni said the footprints were rather too apparent to be traced back to the source of the expulsion.

Msoni said that in a nation with a leadership that acts on emotional turbulence and instill with the fear for regime change, this is entirely to be expected.

“Inferiority complex in any national leadership can be very destructive and shameful,” he said

He added that this is clearly illustrated by the willingness and without any sense of shame to deprive young vulnerable people of their much needed education whilst the leadership was busy putting itself forward to solicit and receive unearned university honors’ degrees for self gratification merely to satisfy their personal egos.

Msoni has denounced the expulsion of students in the strongest terms and called for their immediate readmission in the university unconditionally.

He however, warned that if the PF did not change course Zambia was heading towards the similar predicament as fMalawi.