Pilato writes to Home affairs for the yellow card protest 

By Staff Reporter

Musician and activist Fumba Chama aka Pilato says the yellow card organisers have once again appealed to home affairs minister against police decision to deny them a permit to protest.

In his latest posting on Facebook, Pilato called for more little patience from the public especially the young people and the students at large.

He said the organisers are resolved to stand and defend the country from its abusers, and the native colonialists.

“To every young person reading this, there’s a reason to believe and there’s a reason to hope. To the CBU students I kindly request that you hold on to your dreams and fight a little more, it’s not all lost. President Lungu and Minister Nkandu Luo are old people who have no dreams anymore. They have no ambitions anymore. To them this is their land of milk and honey but not for you young person. We have a reason to fight and it’s not too late. This country still has more to offer to a dreamer and the ambitious,” Pilato said.

Pilato expressed optimism that they would get it done.