EAZ predicts Kwacha stability until October 

By Staff Reporter

Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) president Dr Lubinda Habazoka has projected continued stability of the local currency until October when the country is scheduled to make major debt repayments.

Dr. Habazoka attributed the stability to the fiscal and monetary policies, the dying down of negative sentiments about the country and dipping anxiety over the US/China trade war.

“Reduced anxiety over the trade tensions has led to global businesses to nearly normalize and investors are going back to investing in commodity-oriented countries like Zambia,” he said.

Dr Habazoka reiterated the need for the country to produce more goods for local consumption than imports to maintain the stability of the Kwacha.

He noted that the country had recorded trade surpluses in the last two months.

“The country should continue on trading surpluses throughout the year to reduce the pressure on the value of the local currency,” he said.