DPP enters nolle in Shakafuswa assault case

By Staff Reporter
THE Director of Public Prosecution ( DPP ) has entered a nolle prosequi in a case in which Patriotic Front Mpulungu ward 23 councilor Christopher Shakafuswa was charged with assaulting a woman.
The DPP discontinued the case via a nolle prosequi after Lusaka magistrate Nthandose Chabala ordered that the case proceeds to trial after she refused to reconcile  Shakafuswa and Mazili Namwinga, 34, a teacher, whom he allegedly assaulted on April 20 this year.
A fortnight ago, Namwinga attempted to withdraw the assault complaint against Shakafuswa  but the court declined to grant the application and ordered that he be tried.
However, the DPP has terminated the proceedings but Shakafuswa was informed that a nolle prosequi was not an acquittal as he could be arrested on the similar offence.
According to social media reports, Namwinga was assaulted by Shakafuswa at Shaka’s kraal.
It was alleged that Namwinga went to collect money for two security lights supplied to Shaka’s kraal where she was beaten.