ZRA intercepts 144 cases of Benlyn syrup containing codeine

By Staff Reporter

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has intercepted 144 cases of Benlyn cough syrup that contains a narcotic drug called Codeine.

ZRA Corprate and Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda explained that Codeine was a narcotic that posed a high risk of its users developing a tolerance and eventually a dependence on it.

Sikalinda said that  investigations revealed that bus drivers, pupils, students, and some working class are consuming several bottles of Benlyn that contain codeine to get high and become more alert.

“ Benlyn with codeine has become of high demand and suppliers are now selling it profitably,”he said.

He said that  the Authority had deemed it right to handover these drugs to the Zambia Medicines and Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA).

Meanwhile, the Authority has also seized over 1,800 cases of Konyagi spirits.

Sikalinda stated that the importer under-declared the number of cases being brought into the country.

He added that as a result, the importer only paid K80, 000 in taxes with government losing over K410, 000.

“With the enhanced enforcement activities of the Authority, the importer was still intercepted and a thorough inspection was done which revealed that there was under-declaration of goods and that the importer should have paid K491, 000 in taxes and not K80, 000,” he said.

The Authority has since warned all those in the import and export business of intensified regulatory enforcement activities to ensure that all tax evasion cases are completely brought to an end.