NGOCC expresses shock at father defiler against 3-days-old daughter 

By Staff Reporter

Non Governmental Gender Organisations Coordinating Council is saddened by a defilement case involving a father against his own three days old daughter, leading to her death.

NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale said that the news had once again brought to the foe the depth of Sexual Gender Based Violence in society.

Mwale said the women’s movement mourns with the family of the three days old baby who lost her life at the hands of a heartless father.

“The incidence is not only disgusting but evil and inhuman. It is shocking that instead of providing love and care, a father would be that heartless to turn on his three days old baby,”she said.

Mwale said the incidence emphasises the need for society to find a lasting solution to these increased cases of sexual violence against girls and women.

She reiterated her call for all stakeholders to join hands in fighting this scourge.

Mwale has also appealed to the church, the private sector and the government to join hands in the fight against GBV.

She expressed hope that justice would be done by ensuring that the man was punished for murdering his own daughter.