Anti-corruption protest going ahead- Laura Miti

By Staff Reporter

Organizers of the yellow card protest have insisted they will go ahead despite the police denying them a permit.

Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri advised the organizers that the planned protest against high levels of corruption in government, which was due to be held on Friday could not be sanctioned as police would be busy elsewhere policing a gathering.

The protest is being organized by activists Pilato, Laura Miti,  and Gunduzani Mwale.

“We have written back reminding them that the law requires them to give us an alternative date. We wait. Bottom line is that citizens will be heard,” said Miti.

 “We will follow the procedure of trying to make the police understand that we are not begging for a favour but giving them notice that we intend to exercise our constitutional right to be heard about how our country is being run.”

“This protest will be held. Police have the lawful opportunity to suggest when.”