Simumba lobbies opposition for HH’s sole candidture

By Staff Reporter

Trade and Economic consultant Trevor Simumba has appealed to opposition parties to rally behind UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema for the 2021 general elections.

Simumba said that this is the best placed person to take on the PF in 2021.

He said other opposition party leaders should set their personal ambitions aside and support Hichilema for the presidency in 2021.

“If we truly want to liberate Zambia from the shackles of this PF Kleptocracy, the answer is in working together and bringing forth a new generation of Zambian leaders with shared values of service to the nation, integrity and ethical stewardship of our national resources,” he stated.

“Opposition leaders for once get out of your egotistic dreamland and sacrifice for the sake of Zambia. You cannot all be President at once. I have analysed and thought of different scenarios but each one shows that without an Opposition Alliance, the PF will win the Presidency. But who can beat them?”

 “We all know that the best placed person to take on the PF is Hakainde Hichilema. Let us support him. We can agree a proportional share at Parliament level and Local Council level but for President let’s have one opposition candidate.”

He indicated that it is the only way 2021 can be won. Without that unity forget it. Get over this tribal nonsense, Zambians are not tribal. With one opposition candidate we will consign the PF to the dustbin of history.

“We cannot afford another five years of this President. Even our patriotic friends and relatives in PF know it.

Find the courage to get out and help Zambia recover its glory. Zambia needs a new beginning. We need to overhaul the Constitution and strengthen the Separation of Powers and ensure Zambia never elects such a terrible President again,” he said.

Simumba said that the level of selfishness and pure greed amongst the PF leadership is unprecedented.

“We have two living former Presidents and I believe three living former Vice Presidents and none of them can even raise a hand to say enough is enough. So it is up to us the citizens to use our vote in 2021 wisely and ensure we protect our votes when they count,” he demanded.