FMD contained – Kampamba

By Staff Reporter


Government has spent over K27 million to control the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) which had broken out in Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern provinces.

Speaking in Lusaka yesterday, Fisheries and Livestock minister Kampamba Chewe said the disease which is caused by a virus and affects cloven animals, has serious economic implications because it negatively affects trade and lowers livestock productivity.

Chewe said that FMD had severe implications for animal farming as it is highly infectious and can be spread easily by infected animals through contact.

“The Department of Veterinary Services has conducted cattle vaccinations, inspection of biosecurity measures on the infected farms and farmer sensitization on the control of the disease,” she said.

Chewe thanked the farmers for contributing K110,000 towards the control of the disease.

Chewe has however warned those who are involved in the illegal movement of animals to stop or face the law.