Msoni says PF govt rotten to the core

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION All People’s Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni says the 2018 Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) trends report confirms the PF government is rotten to the core of corruption and theft of public resources.

In a statement today, Msoni said it is absolutely sickening to note that the fraud, corruption and looting of public resources had largely increased from K4.5 billion to K6.1. billion compared to the previous year’s FIC report.

“Public expectations were that this year’s report would show downward trends but unfortunately the screaming figures clearly indicate that government keeps sinking into corruption,” he said.

He said that the portrait of government in the circumstances is clearly pointing to a government that is running into failure.

“The failure to decisively fight corruption has invariably run government into failure and bankruptcy to the extent that it has defaulted on its external obligations,” he said

Msoni stated that all national assets held by the government abroad were now endangered by its failure to meet its international obligations through timely loan repayments.

“Nothing can atone for this loss of public money of over K6.1 billion than to ask Lungu to step down as his role in government has become untenable and a state liability,” he said.

He noted that President Lungu’s continued shielding of criminals in government was causing untold suffering and misery for the overwhelming majority of Zambians.

Msoni further stressed that under this prevailing corrupt environment and circumstances, no fiscal measures implemented will yield any tangible results for as long as criminals continue to enjoy his protection.