Mpika man kills own child during a quarrel with his wife

By staff Reporter


A 30-year-old man of Mpika in Muchinga Province is on the run after he strangled his own baby during a quarrel with his wife.

Brian Kangwa of Mupika village in Chief Chikwanda’s area is on the run after he allegedly stepped and killed his 8 months old baby during a violent quarrel with his wife.

Confirming the development to this   morning, Muchinga province police commissioner Joel Njase said Kangwa was reported to have had a quarrel with his wife, Benandeta Musangauko, aged 24 of the same village, because he did not want to go and clean a shelter for under five clinic in the area as per instruction to them, to go as a couple.

The commissioner said that during their fight, the baby was crawling near to the father when the father stepped on his head.

Njase said after thorough inspection, it was discovered that the baby was biting his tongue and a suspected fracture on the head.

“I can confirm that the body of deceased baby has been deposited into Mpika District Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem and the father is on the run. I therefore, advised young couple’s in the province, to be tolerant to each other whenever differences occur,” he said.

“What has happened to the couple is unfortunate and shown high levels of intolerance. I also urged families to adequately prepare young people when going into marriage”.