Chipenzi expresses concern over parties not participating in by-elections

By Staff Reporter

GEARS Initiatives Zambia executive director Macdonald Chipenzi says political parties not participating in by-elections limit the voters’ choices.

Chipenzi has called for an interrogation why some political parties do not participate in elections hence limiting choices for electorates.

Chipenzi said that the trends of paper political parties were destroying electoral democracy in the country.

“There is urgent need to review the impact of voter education conducted by ECZ to ensure voters fully understand the electoral process,” he said.

Chipenzi has also called on politicians to adhere to the electoral code of conduct ahead of local government by-elections in Maambo and Lupui Wards of Pemba and Mitete districts slated for June 6, 2019.

“There is need for all political parties to observe the rule of law in order to promote the level playing field for everyone,” he said.

Chipenzi further called upon government to warn civil servants against involving themselves in campaigns as this was against the constitution and the electoral code of conduct.