DP  will win 2021 general election – claims Kalaba

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Democratic Party (DP) President Harry Kalaba has expressed confidence his party will win 2021 general elections.

And Kalaba said that some of the resolutions of the just ended National Dialogue Forum (NDF) did not mean well for Zambians.

Speaking on KNC Radio in Kabwe on Friday, monitored by NewsdayZambia.com Kalaba said the NDF   resolutions   were a scandal to the nation and would not benefit  Zambians.

“ The issue of  trying to bring  back deputy ministers by this government is a mockery to Zambians  and also a drain to the treasury. This is a political move, what they want was  a  support and numbers from deputy ministers for 2021 general elections and spend resources when the country was still  struggling economically,” said Kalaba.

“Instead  of working  on  Mulungushi textiles  and provide jobs for the people of Kabwe , the PF government want to be  spending government resources on deputy Ministers for allowances. I saved as deputy Minister myself under late president Michael Sata and I know what a deputy minister gets,” said Kalaba.

“Allowances which go to deputy ministers was  the same to that of cabinet Ministers and all the privileges and conditions are same, the issue of bringing back deputy Ministers could be avoided to save resources for the country. This issue was just trying to benefit PF ahead of 2021 elections,” said Kalaba.

“After winning the 2021 general elections, DP will resolve all the economic hardships this country was currently going through under PF government. We are going to empower our farmers here  in Central Province with milling plants  and allow them to export mealie meal to neighbouring counties for foreign exchange and boost the country’s economy,” said Kalaba.

“Our party is receiving a lot of support from members across the country and  they are believing in our messages  and we are confident  that  in 2021 DP is forming government,” said Kalaba.