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Chipata man goes in for ambulance theft

By Staff Reporter The Chipata magistrates’ court has sentenced a 29 year old man to five years imprisonment for stealing a motor vehicle. According to court facts,

Gambian court trashes criminal defamation

By Staff reporter The Supreme Court in Gambia has declared criminal defamation and false publication offences unconstitutional. In a landmark ruling on Wednesday, the court, however upheld

State enters nolle in PF youths’ Mukula case

The state has entered  a nolle in the matter in which PF youths  intercepted a convoy  of trucks laden with Mukula logs. The four include, Augustine Mukuka,

Convict attempts suicide

By Staff Reporter A Kapiri Mposhi resident who was convicted for indecent assault and burglary attempted to commit suicide after he was given a six-month jail sentence

Kapiri PF official in court for theft

By Staff Reporter A Kapiri Mposhi P F district official and three others are appearing in the magistrates’ court for theft of 28 rails slippers valued at

Tanzania court halts new blogging laws

The High Court of Tanzania has halted the implementation of new rules by the government requiring bloggers to pay US$920 for the privilege of posting content online.

Malawians contemplate reintroducing death penalty

The latest murder of a man with albinism in Malawi, the 22nd in four years, has sparked calls for their killers to be executed to deter a wave