Cashew project creates over 900 jobs in WP, claims Mongu DC

By Staff Reporter


OVER 19,300 grafted and 245,128 seedlings of cashew tree have been distributed for planting to farmers in Mongu District of Western Province.

The district has also sensitized 743 women and 521 men with 500 lead farmers trained in cashew agronomy and field layouts.

ZANIS reports that this was disclosed when Gender minister Elizabeth Phiri paid a courtesy call on Mongu District Commissioner Susiku Kamona yesterday.

Kamona said the Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP) in the province had created about 920 full time jobs where 620 women and 300 youths were involved in the cashew value chain from production, processing and final marketing.

Kamona however, pointed out a few challenges such as accessing land by women and low interest levels to grow cashew due to intensive labour involved.

And Phiri said her ministry would work tirelessly to ensure that 70% of women and 30% of men are fully involved in the production of cashew.

Phiri has since encouraged women to join cooperatives as government is keen to work with groups unlike individuals so that more people were empowered at once.

Earlier, acting Permanent Secretary Danny Bukali said Government has since started training and guiding women in the production of cashew so that they do not only concentrate on maize production.

And the Barotse Royal Establishment’s induna Katema- Aketata Batunda has commended government for recognizing traditional leaders and involving them in the cashew project.

Induna Katema said the cashew project had potential to change the lives of the people of Western Province if implemented properly.