Lack of beds for expectant mothers in Mkaika worries headman Chingwawa

By staff Reporter


A village headman in Katete district in Eastern province of Mkaika constituency has called on government through the area Member of Parliament Peter Kafunka Phiri to help construct a mother’s shelter at Lupande clinic.

Headman Chingwawa Michale Phiri told that the only health facility in the area was operating without a mother’s shelter, a thing which is forcing expectant mothers to share sleeping spaces on the floor due to luck of mattresses and beddings.


“The major problem here is luck of a mothers’ shelter at our clinic and we are appealing to the government to come in and help us. It is not safe to see expectant mothers sharing a bed with their relatives who are waiting for them to deliver,” said Phiri.

Meanwhile, Phiri has called on the government through elected leaders to consider working on Muliipa Chinwawa road which is in a deplorable state.

“Our member of parliament and the councillor should speak for us and see to it that our challenges are addressed. This road has not been graded since inception and it is difficult for us here to transport farm produce to the market. What is worrying is that we have not seen the people we elected just after 2016 general elections.’’ complained Phiri.

When contacted for a comment, Mkaika member of parliament Peter Kafunka Phiri said that he was aware of the challenges the people were facing such as lack of mother’s shelter at Lupande clinic and the poor state of the roads and assured that something would be done as soon as possible.

“Lupande Clinic was built two years ago and I know that it is operating without a mothers shelter and plans are under way  to construct one. I have also written to the government to give us funds to work on the road which is in poor state,” said the parliamentarian.