Increase access to clean water in Chipata compound – Nikisi appeals to LWSC

By Staff Reporter

A Socialist Party member in Lusaka’s Mandevu counstituncy has appealed to Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to increase hours of accessing water in Chipata compound.

Speaking to this morning Siphiwe Nikisi said people of Chipata compound only have two hours –  07:00 – 09:00 hrs in a day to access clean and safe water.

“Chipata is divided into two parts, we have one which is Chipata compound and the other it’s called Chipata Overspill. Chipata compound we receive piped water from 07 hours to 08 hours, sometimes till 09 hours and Chipata Overspill it’s from 16 to 17 hours,” Nikisi lamented.

Nikisi said it was difficult for the residents of Chipata compound to live normal lives with limited and controlled supply of water.

“We fetch water in just an hour daily and if you did not get or fetch water within that hour then you will not have water till the next day or you can have water from unsafe wells. Sometimes we spend the whole day completely without water,” said Nikisi

She complained that the water was being over-rationed and yet the people pay to the water utility company.

“We buy water, its 50 ngwee per a 20 litter so why should Lusaka water not provide water the whole day or give us more hours. This has forced the residents in the area to have more wells, a thing which is putting our lives at risk as the water is not safe for drinking and at the same time the lives of the kids are at risk,” she said.

Nikisi added that Mandevu and Chipata compounds had been recording high cases of waterborne diseases as a result of people not having access to safe water.