It’s irresponsible for Luo to close CBU – Kangwa 

By Staff Reporter


THE Socialist Party in Chingola says it is irresponsible for Professor Nkandu Luo to close Copperbelt University when students were preparing for examinations.


In a statement to today SP Chingola district coordinator Joseph Kangwa said Luo wanted to cover her failure to provide solutions to the problems facing the university.


“And it’s also unfair for madam Luo to only blame students and ignore the protest by lecturers and non-academic staff for non-payment of their salaries, considering the fact that students’ protest emerged in solidarity with their [students’] lecturers. It’s laughable to hear the Minister talking about the lawlessness when her ministry has not been efficiently paying salaries to the lecturers,” said Kangwa


Luo announced to the nation the indefinite closure of the Copperbelt University at a press briefing in Kitwe following the threats by President Edgar Lungu to close both public universities.


“The decision by Professor Luo to close CBU shows her incompetence and inability to run the ministry efficiently. Despite her knowing the fact that the majority students who enroll at CBU and UNZA are sons and daughters of workers and serfs (peasants or farmers) who cannot afford to support their children at tertiary level, especially when our country is grappling with high unemployment rate and scurvy poverty, the minister decided to take the most unpopular decision,” he said.


Kangwa added that the move by government not to allow some students to write their examinations on account of non-payment of fees and its decision to abolish students’ meal allowances, was an attempt to take away the rights of the youth generation from the poor families to access education.


“However, as the youths of Zambia, we reject the leadership of Professor Nkandu Luo and further advocate for her firing as Minister of Higher Education by the President. Therefore, her dismissal cannot be overemphasized. We also request for the release of the students who were arrested over the same and feel that if a political party cadre can be released whenever he is arrested, why not the students as well? That said, as the Socialist Party, we are also encouraging my fellow youths to always air their grievances amicably,”


Meanwhile, a Lusaka Province Socialist Party member Graster Mundi expressed concern that Zambians remained quite even as institutions were recklessly being closed.