Senanga eye surgeon counsel patients

By Staff Reporter

An Eye Surgeon in Senanga district has called on the community in the area to always seek medical interventions whenever they have eye infection to avoid blindness.

Eye Surgeon Ndalela Ndalela of Senanga General Hospital said it was advisable for the local community to always seek medical attention whenever they had eye infection such as trachoma, which he said causes avoidable blindness if not treated.

Ndalela told ZANIS said in an interview that blindness is avoidable because it is a condition that is common in low social economic areas that have poor and dirty surroundings, which he said attract flies that transmit the bacteria.

“When transmitted it has a 5 to 12 days incubation period before the disease shows,” he said.

He revealed that the Senanga General Hospital eye outpatient department has been conducting successful eye operations for free and those with the disease should undergo the operation or risk being blind.

“Often People with trachoma may develop headache, eye pains, sores which develop into scares that later causes blindness,” he said.

Ndalela said that through sensitization, the eye department has received a positive response as patients were coming for operations which usually take an average of about 15 minutes.


And Ruth Lubasi, daughter to the 71-year-old Miyoko Kamungombo, has commended the Ministry of Health through Senanga General Hospital for providing a free of charge eye operation.

Lubasi stated that the mother has been facing the eye problem for a long time and with the operation, she will be able to see without any challenges.

Trachoma is a chronic eye infection that is leading the cause of blindness across the world and is common in high density areas that have.