Let poor farmers benefit from FISP- Luanshya farmer

By Staff Reporter

A farmer in Luanshya district on the Copperbelt has called on the ministry of agriculture to investigate the distribution of the farmer input support program fertiliser under the E-voucher system.

Stephen Chola told newsdayzambia.com that the programme benefit cadres and those in government with high positions.

Chola said despite paying the deposit fee of K400 poor farmers will still find it difficult to have farming inputs and others end up not getting anything.

“We want the ministry of agriculture to investigate this matter if really the programme is meant to benefit us poor farmers in this country. We are surprised that we don’t get the inputs even if we pay the deposit fee on time,” Said Chola

He said the PF government should quickly improve the agriculture sector.

“Why should we be punished like this? Why should we suffer like this? Even if you have followed the right procedure you will still have no access to the inputs. PF government should know that not all of us can be cadres or senior government officials and moreover the programme is meant to benefit us the poor farmers,” he said.

Most farmers across the country have been complaining over the poor implementation of FISP.