WP experiencing harsh climate change effects – Simuchoba

By Staff Reporter

The World Bank has released US$14.6 million additional funds for the implementation of the Pilot Project for Climatic Resilience (PPCR) activities in the Barotse sub-basin in Western Province.

The additional funds are for strengthening the adaptive capacity of farmers and other vulnerable rural communities from the adverse effects of climate change.

Provincial Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba disclosed that the province was going through harsh climate change resulting into increased droughts, floods, and temperature fluctuations.

Simuchoba urged the PPCR implementing organisations in the area to strengthen its institutional frame works in building resilience and help farmers in the Barotse sub-basin who have severely been affected by drought in the province.

And strengthening climate resilience in the Barotse sub-basin Project Manager, George Sikuleka advised the community in Mongu to diversify their farming and avoid depending only on maize that is less resistant to drought.

Sikuleka reiterated that there was need for change in the mindset of farmers if the agriculture sector was to be developed in the area.

Meanwhile, Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Senior Induna Mukulwakashiko thanked the World Bank for allocating the US$14.6 million additional funds to Western Province.

Induna Mukulwakashiko also disclosed that the Kuomboka traditional Ceremony will not take place this year due to the low levels of water in the Zambezi River as a result of severe drought experienced in the province.