Let’s fight and change the governance system – Dr Musumali 

By Staff Reporter

Socialist Party General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali has called on the members of the party on the Copperbelt to fight hard and change the capitalist system in Zambia.

Speaking when he addressed aspiring candidates for the leadership of the party on the Copperbelt, Dr Musumali said changing leadership of the country was not enough to emancipate the people but the capitalist system that had entrenched itself.

“Unless you tell me UNIP had bad people, unless you tell me MMD had bad people and PF has the worst people, and you bring in UPND, you say they are even worse, but what we are not doing is we are not changing the system. We are still using the same system of capitalism as we are just changing the faces of people not the system. These are the same individuals and they believe in capitalism. Even if they call each other ‘comrades’ they are just lying,” said Dr Musumali.

He said the capitalist system had been tested for more than 500 years but had completely failed the people of Zambia.

“Most of them they will lie to be socialist and I only know one socialist party in Zambia and if they are solutions for the people it must come from you leaders from the Socialist Party,” he said

Dr Musumali said the party had no business in fighting President Edger Lungu, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and other political leaders as the focus was on pushing for revolution that would exterminate oppressive capitalist system.

“For you leaders, now your job is to know exactly what you want to do for the people you will be representing, you are the leaders now. It’s easy to say you will do it but what you have to understand is that you will do it together with the masses,” he said

And Socialist Party spokesperson Fr Richard Luonde urged the members to prepare themselves for a complete revolutionary take-over of the country.

“In Zambia we only have one socialist party and this party will engage the people of Zambia. And its high time we seriously engage the high number of the masses in this country and start explaining to them the difference between socialist party and the capitalist parties,” said Fr Luonde

He urged the members to keep themselves abreast with ideological teachings of socialism.

“Our party agenda, it’s not to do noise but to work with the people of Zambia for the betterment of the country,” he said

Meanwhile, party member Nelson Kumwenda of Chimwemwe constituency said it was disappointing that the capitalist system was perpetuating the oppression of the poor masses.

He said many countries with socialist governance system were being victimised, fought and invaded by the imperialist powers over natural resources.

Kumwenda said the socialist members should fight hard to claim dignity for humanity.