Let’s erect heroic statues, national symbols – Lubinda

By Staff Reporter

Justice Minister Given Lubinda says it will advise companies such as Hybrid Poultry to consider sponsoring national heroes statue to be erected in strategic areas.

The chicken statue debate reached its hype on social media this week with a twitter account created under the handle @HybridChickenZM  and was quoted in a tweet (on the eve of being brought down) as saying “Miles…it’s just me and you now. Take me down and I take you down with me because I know things”.

Adding his voice to the chicken statue debate, Lubinda said the issue was neither here nor there as it was up to Lusaka residents and Lusaka City Council workers’ preferences.

“The kind of statues you need in the city are statues that have relevance to the history of the country. We don’t have a shortage of personalities or national symbols that we can use. The national eagle for instance is one that could very well grace the round about where the chicken is. But I suppose it’s the way the matter has been handled which has raised public debate” he said.

Lubinda who was speaking on a Hot FM radio show said he would be happy if the traffic circle had a statue of Nkumbula, Kapwepwe, The Eagle or Coat of Arms.

“The fact that it has been run by Hybrid all these years, the Mayor of the City should have spoken to Hybrid to sponsor a national hero or symbol statue and they can put all their chickens around it to show that they are the owners. I don’t think they would have a problem once we are maintaining it and showing that this is the round about going to their place, I don’t think they would have much of a problem,” he said.

Lubinda hoped that the LCC were listening to what the people were saying to avoid unnecessary debate.

The Hybrid Chicken has been subject for much debate in the last two weeks and created a lot of hype on social media. This has led the LCC to reconsider its ultimatum of destroying it and opting for two months grace period instead.