Low tax compliance affects service delivery in Africa – Mutati

By Staff Reporter

FORMER Finance Minister Felix Mutati has expressed worry with the low tax compliance levels in most African countries saying the trend has capacity to affect service delivery.

Mutati was guest speaker at a 3-day international conference organised by the Jesuit Hakimani Centre at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday under the topic Improving Domestic Resource Mobilisation and stemming illicit financial flows.

Mutati has urged respective African governments to devise methods to make tax payment more persuasive than an imposition.

He said that to achieve this, governments must ensure that citizens appreciate the benefits of tax payment.

He has illustrated that during his reign as Finance Minister, one of his primary driving forces was to ensure that enough resources were mobilised in order that people’s development aspirations were met.

He has bemoaned the levels of borrowing which most countries have been associated with to meet their budgetary deficits.

Mutati said this had been a challenge and fatigued many countries as pressure to pay back mounted.