“Oya Mpu” Dope Boys caught in drug abuse fiasco

By Staff Reporter

The trending copper belt entertaining outfit, ‘Dope Boys’ who recently went viral with their hit song ‘Oya Mpu’ have been caught in a drug abuse scandal.

This was confirmed in a statement released by their promoters Ever  Moving Forward Media today.

“Management has noted with disappointment, the video that is circulating on Social Media platforms where our clients ‘Dope Boys” where in a compromising situation. We would like to highlight that this video has just circulated now and was taken in 2017, way before ‘Oya Mpu’ Song was “ Ever Moving Forward Media publicists Ezra Mwansa has said.

Mwansa says Ever Moving Forward Media is committed to fighting substance abuse, which he says is rampant among young adults, stressing that his organisation recently launched a campaign called #Codeineisnotwater though ironically, codeine is the drug that the Dope Boys were caught abusing.

“We hope the general public can receive our sincere apologies as we couldn’t control what the group did at a time when they were ignorant of the dangers of substance abuse,” he said.

“The biggest reason we decided to work with the Dope Boys when they approached us was our realisation that there was urgent need of control for their publicity and because of being wrongly advised and influenced by their peers, the Dope Boys were victims of substance abuse, particularly Codeine. Up to now the group has been undergoing private counselling sessions on the dangers of substance abuse,” he said.

Mwansa also appealed to the public to understand that these are young people who need to be advised correctly and guided in order to fully translate their talent into a meaningful investment.

He apologised to his organisation’s clients and would be clients and promised that the group would act responsibility in future.

The Dope Boys have recently hit the air waves by storm with hits like “ka Dance ka so” and the now much talked about “Mpu Mpu” which has gone viral with its unique dance move that has seen challenges on social media beyond the Zambian borders.