Mwila says street vending should be designated to some streets

By Staff Reporter

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has directed the Lusaka City Council to revisit the issue of street vendors in the capital city and allow them to operate in some designated streets.

Addressing party officials in Chawama Constituency yesterday, Mwila called on the Mayor of the City of Lusaka to direct council police to stop harassing street vendors with immediate effect.

In a statement issued by PF Media Director Sunday Chanda, Mwila has guided that a street or two could be dedicated to street vending in Lusaka with the council providing amenities such as running water and toilets.

“Why harass a woman selling cooking sticks…do cooking sticks bring Cholera? Go and deliver this message to His Worship the Mayor. We are voted for by our poor people and we therefore refuse as a Party that our people must be mistreated for selling cooking sticks” said Mwila.

Mwila’s directive, he claimed was in line with the Patriotic Front’s pro-poor policies that sought to ensure that the poor people actively participated and benefited from the economic development of the country.