Majority Zambians seek employment in politics – Fr Luonde

By Staff Reporter

SOCIALIST Party (Zambia) spokesperson Fr Richard Luonde has regretted that majority Zambian politicians regard politics as gainful employment rather than providing service.

The Chingola-based clergyman, in an interview, complained that “majority leaders in the PF government today are the same who were in the MMD government in 2011.”

“They have taken politics as pure employment and without being in politics, they cannot work anywhere. Some have been in politics since independence and they are controlling the gear of our economy. You cannot develop like that!” Fr Luonde lamented.

“In Africa and particularly in Zambia, politics has become employment and people are simply there to earn a living. So, ordinary Zambians are not regarded by politicians because they are only interested in their employment. But politics is not supposed to be employment but a service.”

He wondered why there was a phenomenon among current politicians to think that politics was a strategy for speedy accrual of wealth.

Fr Luonde charged that come 2021 general elections, “no serious political party must entertain recycled leaders.”

“Why should it be that when you become a politician that’s when you should be rich? Some have been politicians for 25 years and so on. But what have they done for mother Zambian? These recycled politicians all they want is to be in Parliament, in government so that they can steal more money, build more structures,” said Fr Luonde.

“But the past 20 years or 30 years, haven’t you stolen enough? We have been independent for the past 54 years but what has Zambia achieved? This is the time to re-think and re-look at all the recycled politicians. Come 2021, they should not be voted for. In 2021, let’s bring in brains and not everyone should be educated to qualify to be a leader.”