Lifting of ban on cattle, products imports from SA elates ZNFU

By Staff Reporter

ZAMBIA National Farmers Union says the decision by government to lift the ban on the importation of cattle and other live cloven-hoofed animals and their products from South Africa is a welcome move.

Speaking to ZANIS today public relations manager Calvin Kaleyi said  the decision to lift the ban comes after carrying out comprehensive research and ensuring that all measures were in place to avoid transmission of foot and mouth disease.

“Zambia is the largest consumer of South African products and has a good relationship with the country,” he said

Kaleyi has advised that all products and livestock being brought into the country be checked and tested to ensure quality was gauranteed.

“We need to be cautious with what we import and counter check if they are safe for our people so that we do not endanger their lives,” he said.

Kaleyi said that countries like Namibia and Botswana have not lifted the ban on the importation of cattle into their countries but commended the Zambian government for lifting the ban.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Chewe Kampamba announced that the lifting of the ban follows official notification from the South African government on the disease control protocols implemented to contain and control the outbreak of foot and mouth diseases reported in Limpopo Province.