Kampyongo assures peace in Bahati by-elections

By Staff Reporter

HOME affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo has promised that the “lawlessness” that played out in the Sesheke parliamentary by-elections will not repeat itself in Bahati.

Responding to questions from members of parliament after he delivered a ministerial statement in Parliament on Thursday evening, Kampyongo assured that lawlessness among political cadres in Bahati would not be condoned.

The minister was responding to Mumbwa UPND member of parliament Credo Nanjuwa who asked whether insinuations that opposition political party leaders would be physically brutalised in the Bahati parliamentary by-election campaigns were true.

“I want to assure you that there would be no such lawlessness in Bahati Constituency as people go to elect their representative. Lessons have been drawn from Sesheke and many other areas,” Kampyongo said.

Chienge FDD member of parliament asked why the ruling PF could not lead by example by stopping being violent so that the UPND could follow suit.

In response, Kampyongo said issues of violence had not started today.

“These issues of violence started even before PF formed government. So, when we are saying let’s find solutions and let’s avoid blame game, we mean just that. It certainly takes two to tango and I know that to find solutions to these matters the Patriotic Front, which I belong to, and the UPND have got an obligation to start engaging because we can’t avoid to talk about these matters,” answered Kampyongo.

“Yes, we (PF) are going to lead by example [and] that’s why you have seen even me as Minister of Home Affairs putting my jacket of home affairs aside and go to the secretariat of UPND as national youth chairman. I know [that] solutions can only be found in engaging in genuine discourse. Like I have said, there has been history to this violence and we need to find permanent solutions.”