Over 100 police officers deployed to this year’s Nc’wala ceremony

By Staff Reporter

Over 100 police officers have been deployed at Laweni in Mtenguleni area, to maintain law and order during Nc’wala traditional ceremony slated for this Saturday 23rdFebruary 2019.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said 120 police officers are on the ground starting yesterday until Sunday.

Sakala told the media that the purpose of deploying police officers is to provide security in the area.

“A number of traffic police officers have already been deployed in Mtenguleni to ensure that all roads in the area are safeguarded,” he said. “I am advising road users, especially motorists to observe traffic rules and avoid drinking beer while driving”.


Meanwhile, early this week about 170,000 condoms were available for distribution during the Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people scheduled for this Saturday.

Eastern Province Aids Coordinating Advisor (PACA) Emmanuel Chama said the 170,000 condoms would be distributed before and during the annual ceremony.

Chama disclosed that the condoms have been given to the district Aids Tax Force DATF at the local authority for distributions.

“The province can safely say it has sufficient number of male condoms to be distributed during the traditional ceremony. The province has already started receiving Non-governmental organizations which will set up tents at the ceremony and provide the services of sexual reproduction health services,” said Chama.

And Chama has advised the adolescents and the young people to abstain during the Nc’wala traditional ceremony.
“Young people should not indulge themselves into illicit sex which may cause trouble in their life. We noted that it is during this period when many young people get excited and get sexual transmitted diseases which could be avoided,” he said.