Small-scale miners winding business at Black Mountain

By Staff Reporter

The small-scale miners operating at the infamous Black Mountain in Kitwe are concluding their operations.

Chapamo Mineral Processing Ltd Director Kelvin Tembo confirmed the development saying the company was in its final stages concluding operations on the slug dump popularly known as the Black Mountain as the 10 % awarded to them by government had been exhausted.

Tembo said the works on the Black Mountain were expected to be completed by today adding that the handover of slug will be done in the soonest possible time.

He urged Chapamo partners to invest the money in meaningful projects as chances of having another project like the black mountain might not come soon.

“The black mountain venture is a capital raising project hence the need to invest in viable projects that will help members and the youth live sustainable lives as minerals that are currently being excavated at the dump slug are a diminishing resource,” he said.

He added that about 70 houses that were damaged by the blasting last year had been rehabilitated so far with the remaining to be completed once the rain season was over.
And Tembo has apologized to the residents of Kitwe over the inconvenience and damage that the trucks operating at the Black Mountain had caused.

Kitwe residents have in past taken to task the local authorities and the district administration over the behaviour of Chapamo for failing to adhere to road traffic rules.