NCZ needs full recapitalisation – ZNFU

By Staff Reporter

The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) says Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) needs a full recapitalization to make it a viable company.
ZNFU spokesperson Calvin Kaleyi said calls for government to construct the new ammonium plant would be more costly compared to recapitalisation of the NCZ plant, saying the structures and equipment could be brought back to full production capacity.

“The company needs full rehabilitation to make it more viable,” he said.

Kaleyi said if the NCZ was brought back to its full production capacity, the company would meet all fertilizer demand of the country.
Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe last week told parliament that government wanted to revamp Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia at a total cost of US$50 million.

And National Small-Scale Farmers Union of Zambia has recommended improved security features using finger prints for redeeming inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme.

Union President Ceaser Chibuye said apart from the need for National Registration Cards and the code that is sent to a farmer from the Zambia Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (ZIAMIS) for a farmer to be able to redeem his/her inputs, it was prudent that government introduced another security feature to avoid manipulation.

Chibuye is of the view that introducing finger prints will help reduce the challenges the implementation of the electronic voucher faced which led to farmers redeeming their inputs very late while others were swindled of their money.

He is confident that introducing another security mechanism such as finger prints would reduce cases of manipulation where a person who is not a beneficiary gets inputs on behalf of others in the end swindling innocent farmers.