Kambwili refuses to apologise over his xenophobic attacks

By Staff Reporter

National Democratic Congress consultant Chishimba Kambwili has refused to apologise for his xenophobic attacks on someone believed to be an Indian national who he found operating a compactor under the Lusaka decongestion project.

And governance and conflict resolution expert, Francisco Mumba says it is important to appreciate that Zambia is a member of the international community and therefore, a state party to international laws.

Kambwili has come under fire for his actions with some stakeholders challenging him to apologise to the Indian community and the Zambian people who have no history of Xenophobia.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Kambwili is seen uttering remarks against an Indian national who was found operating a compactor and challenging him to go back to India as they were many Zambians who could operate the equipment.

Kambwili said he had no reason to apologise insisting that blue-collar jobs should be left to Zambians.

Speaking on the breakfast show on Hot FM, Kambwili said he had succeeded in sending a message across that such people should leave the country immediately.

“There are high unemployment levels in this country, people have no jobs and you allow people from as far as India to come and operate a compactor,? no bane, mulebako (let’s be) serious,” Kambwili lamented.

Kambwili said he had previously brought the issue to the attention of government in several occasions including in parliament but no action was taken.

Mumba said he expected Chishimba to be the most competent person to understand Zambia’s obligations to the international community, having served as Minister of Foreign affairs and Labour minister.

“Whilst it is painful that Zambians, especially the youths, have no employment the incident is rather unfortunate,” he said. “We still have an obligation to the international community. It is from this perspective that pieces of legislation acceded or ratified at international level have to be domesticated for their legal validity”.

Mumba stated that all countries have protective laws towards their citizens, among them were labour and immigration laws.

“Whether these laws are or not respected is another discussion. An individual must have an immigration status such as resident permit to live in or visit the country,” he said.

“Secondly, a non-Zambian must have, too, a work permit of a particular or related nature and tied to an employing institution for him to work. Therefore, the first thing Kambwili should have inquired was whether the Asian national in discussion had both these papers. It is equally possible that the national could have been a Zambian from the backdrop of a lot of Zambians who are of Indian origin”.

Mumba said Kambwili was venting his anger on a wrong individual as incident must have been directed at the government itself which issued the permit if he was a holder of one.

He explained that under investment laws, Zambia development Act has equally provided protection for the locals in such matters.

“These laws are however on everyday basis flouted with impunity when it fits the comprado and the petty bourgeoisie. The Asian of Indian origin has complied with what the government has put in place as a minimum requirement,” Mumba said.

He stated that the call for the world to unite around humanity irrespective of creed or colour was one of the fundamental beliefs in socialism, often referred to as international solidarity.

“The greed individuals like King Leopold Il and his cohorts through Chishimba Kambwili and others wants to divide us based on territory. Socialism, abhors nationalist tendencies as shown by Kambwili,” Mumba said.

Mumba has urged Zambians to vent out their anger towards government for failing to provide Zambians with jobs and not the individual who was equally a victim of complicity to capitalism from his home country.