Poverty and unemployment major contributor to political violence – Fr Luonde

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Socialist Party says high poverty levels and lack of employment is the major contributor of high cases of violence in the country.

Speaking to newsdayzambia.com party spokesperson Fr Richard Luonde said hunger contributed greatly to a number of political violent activities being experienced, particularly during by-elections.

Fr Luonde said majority of youths involved in violent activities were unemployed and became vulnerable to abuse in exchange for paltry favours from political leaders.

“If youths can be engaged in productive works they can reduce their involvement in bad vices. Poverty is a contributor of the violence we witness today in our country,” he said. “The leaders have taken advantage of the poverty the country is witnessing today. If violence is not cabbed, Zambia will be a disaster”.

Fr Luonde also urged political leaders to stop abusing youths by advancing selfish motives of retaining or winning power through violent means.

“These leaders who want to retain power at all costs will do all sorts of things, they can even kill just to win power. But we cannot go on like that as nation, it must be stopped,” he said.

Fr Luonde urged the church to urgently take keen interest in what was happening in the country and work towards averting a crisis.

“The church should take keen interest in these issues because all these politicians belong to a church. Most of these people are Christians but why are the churches not reacting to their members, once they go to the church they pretend to be christians,” he added.

Fr Luonde expressed his disappointment that some people were prepared to kill one another over an election, a vice that should not be allowed in the country.