Development Act will enhance investment – CTPD

By Staff Reporter


The Center for Trade Policy and Development is pleased that the revision of the Zambia Development Act will result in increased investment in the country.

CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo said that his organisation was also hoping that the US$500, 000 minimum investment in the Multi Facility Economic Zones for one to access incentives would be revised downwards.

Mwaipopo said the organization carried an assessment of the performance of the MFEZs across the country and found a number of issues which included the US$500, 000 minimum requirement, saying it was hindering the growth of the zones.

“Through the assessment we conducted last year, one of the things we discovered was that the issue (US$500, 000 minimum requirement to invest in the zones to access incentives) was making the zones were unpopular for locals to invest in the MFEZs,” he said.

He is confident that the revision of the ZDA Act would also look at this aspect of the investment in the multi facility economic zones.