Mumba calls for regulation of betting

By Staff Reporter

A Peace and conflict resolution expert, Francisco Mumba says the raise of betting houses in Zambia, especially in the compounds is worrisome. Comenting of the increase in betting houses accross Lusaka, Mumba said these  houses open to the public as early as 6 o’clock, closes quite late and patronage is mainly the youth both male ad female.

“The unsuspecting youths are in  a danger of ruining their careers because they do not realise that psychologically they become hooked to gambling,” he noted. “The betting Act CAP 166 of the laws of Zambia must be seriously operationalised”.

Mumba said gambling may negatively impact the financies of the gambler and was addictive which compound the gambler to seek money, which consequently affect their relationships with family.

He observed that in worste case scenerios, gambling may be associated with mental illnesses of an individual including depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

Mumba appealed to the authorities to immediately regulate betting especially in the compounds.

“Whilst I appreciate that the working class has no formal employment, this should not be an excuse because the long run of betting is a society affected and compunded by social challenges such as mental retardation, thieving and other ill vices” he said.