Kanganja has handed police power to PF cadres – Pilato 

By Staff Reporter

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has handed police authority to the ruling Patriotic Front cadres, a decision he will live to regret civil rights activist Fumba Chamba has said.

Four senior police officers from Sesheke Police station were on Friday dismissed for disciplining PF cadres during a violent parliamentary by-election last week.

Chama popularly known as Pilato said for a very long time the Zambian public has condemned the police officers for being unprofessional and many things.

In a statement, Pilato said he had good friends in the police service who shared how hard it was for them to work and called for sympathies with the police officers.

“This Kanganja man is not only a disaster to society but to his officers too. He has betrayed the good men and women in uniform and when that time to account comes, he will understand how a mess he has been,” he said. “When the same cadres will lock his office and demand for his head, the junior police officers will not be there to protect him because he has taken away power from them,” said Pilato

He said it was not only Kanganja who is the problem but also other senior officers who had sold out and had become political pawns as they insult and mistreat junior officers.

“In a video circulating on social media, a senior police officer who I found embarrassing the female police officers in public. The senior police officer in the video is allegedly Mr. Bonny Kapeso. I don’t know what these officers did and I don’t want to know but humiliating them like this publicly is officially licensing the public not to respect our officers,” Piilato said.

“There has to be decent way of dealing with police officers especially that their work depends on how they are perceived by the public. If indeed this is Mr. Bonny Kapeso in this video and humiliating his officers like this in the public, then society should fear what happens to our police officers behind the closed doors. I personally know Mr. Kapeso and if this is who he has become now even to his officers, then it is true power corrupts,” he said.

Pilato has since advised Kanganja and his friends in leadership to protect the integrity of the police officers.

“The same police officers you are firing just to impress your political bosses today will be the ones you will be needing to help you tomorrow when you will be jobless. Today it’s you at the top, tomorrow it’s someone below you. Be careful how you deal with the least powerful person today, you have no idea of tomorrow’s possibilities,” he mentioned.

“The female police officers were being humiliated at Woodlands shopping mall and the senior officer ripped off their ranks right there whilst we watched. He made phone calls calling for their demotion right away. The background story is, he found one of the officers talking on phone with another senior police officer. So, for us onlookers, the only crime these officers committed was being on phone whilst this boss came,” he said.