We survived lynching at the hands of violent PF cadres – UPND MPs

By Staff Reporter


Some opposition United Party for National Development members of parliament yesterday survived lynching at the hands of violent PF cadres at parliament buildings.

The cadres searched every vehicle entering parliament grounds in order to block newly elected Sesheke lawmaker Romeo Kang’ombe from entering the house.

Speaking on Pan African Radio, UPND Kapiri Mposhi member of parliament Stanley Kakubo said over 150 PF cadres clad in party regalia almost physically attacked him together with FDD Chienge parliamentarian Given Katuta as they were driving in.

“The riotous PF cadres hit their fists in the vehicles in full view of the police as they could not get hold of the two lawmakers,” narated Kakubo

Meanwhile, Kakubo has described as appalling Speaker Patrick Matibini’s ruling over a point of order raised by Katuta regarding the violence by PF cadres.

“Despite Dr. Matibini’s preserve to reserve the ruling for investigations, he should have made an order that the ruling party’s cadres leave the premises since he has the powers to do so,” he said.

And Zambia police have described the protest as illegal.


PF protesters, who did not have permission from police to assemble at Parliament, chanted PF slogans calling for an end to what they have termed as the UPND’s violence ridden elections.

Some members of parliament have complained of being harassed at the entrance to parliament by the cadres who banged fists on vehicles.

Police public relations officer, Esther Katongo said police were sent to scene to disperse the cadres.

Katongo said there was no need to apprehend protesters who had complied to orders to disperse.

“Police determine according to the compliance of protesters whether or not to make an arrest,” said Katongo. 
And opposition UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka said his party will use their cadres to protect Kang’ombe to parliament.

And now opposition National Democratic Congress Lusaka youth wing says they will join hands in escorting Kang’ombe to parliament

NDC Lusaka province information and publicity secretary Kidson Katunta said they would join their colleagues from UPND to escort newly elected MP for Sesheke.

“We are warning PF cadres to stay away from parliament because that is not a battle field for politics but a place where elected MPs debate about national affairs,” said Katunta

He said the thuggery behavior they saw outside parliament by PF cadres should be stopped immediately.