ECZ intensify operations for Sesheke by-election

By Staff Reporter

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has appointed a team of officers to monitor electoral incidences in Sesheke ahead of the by-election scheduled for tomorrow.

ECZ trainer Hector Hatimbula said the officers who underwent some training would monitor key activities and provide near to real time reports.

Hatimbula said the specific objectives for the Election Support Centre (ESC) were to serve as an early warning system that supports key election activity areas before, during and after the poll day.

He said the ESC would also maintain surveillance, monitor compliance, identify threats, and deliver timely and relevant remedy to threats.

“The ESC will also coordinate active interaction of field contacts for efficient conduct of the by-election; and to enable the Commission to be fully updated on the progress of the key poll activities in the field,” said Hatimbula

And Sesheke Constituency Returning Officer Joseph Kanyemba indicated that the ESC would make it easier to manage the totalling centre and monitor deployment of other elections personnel.

“The concept of ESC was first initiated during the 2016 general elections and referendum with technical support from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). The centres proved effective for monitoring activities and facilitating the provision of quick interventions in areas where threats or challenges were identified,” said Kanyemba