Zambians calling for regime change, not the church-UPND 

By Staff Reporter


OPPOSITION UPND chairperson for mines and freedom fighters, Percy Chanda says Zambians are demanding a regime change, not the church as alleged by the ruling Patriotic Front and its surrogates.

In a statement to Chanda said PF know better that

every normal Zambian was calling for regime change.

“You were warned about stealing but you were too greedy to heed the warning. You were warned about calling Bembas thieves but you took it as joke. You were warned about violence instead you escalated it. You were warned about rigging but you claimed you were just popular. You were warned about insulting the Church instead you are still paying more people to insult them,” said Chanda.

Chanda said PF was warned about how Zambians were suffering due to their policies but ignored and was warned about poor agriculture policies instead they made it worse.

“You continuously kept on dragging HH and the UPND in your mess; little did you realize you were de campaigning your selves. You thought Zambians are very docile but now you are feeling the heat from the same Zambians across the Country that they want regime change. And yet you now want to turn around and drag the innocent Church into your own failures? No, Ba PF own up and accept that Zambians deserve better leadership than your mediocre type. Honestly, how does the Church come in your failures? Do you expect Zambians to compliment you for not sending children to school and having one meal a day? You must be very dull to expect a normal Zambian to vote for your stubborn and thieving leadership again,” he said.

He added that Zambians in all parts of the country were up against the dictatorship and that nothing would save them and should be negotiating for a safe exit, which he doubted Zambians would accept, looking at the way they had been brutalized.

“It’s very true that a frog only realizes the importance of water once the pond dries up. You will also only remember the importance of the dialogue you are now refusing to attend once you are lonely in jail. You have engaged all sorts of dirty tactics just to avoid and frustrate the dialogue process, but very soon you will be worse than the frog. The writing is on the wall that Zambians and not the Church want regime change, and they will certainly kick you out. Blame yourselves and not the Church; keep the Church out of your nonsense because should you agitate the church further you will be extremely sorry. Just own up and leave in peace, Zambia is bigger that you,” he added.