Nkeyema club receives 100 goats

By Staff Reporter

Nkeyema Marketeer Women Club have received 100 goats under the Enhanced Smallholder Livestock Investment Programme.

Nkeyema Member of parliament Kapelwa Mbangweta disclosed in a statement that her constituence became the second recipient after Kakeyenge Womens Club that was empowered with 20 calf heifers in November last year.

Mbangweta stated that the project is funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, OFID and the Zambian government.

“The programme aims to improve incomes for small holder farmers and encouraging small scale farmers to treat agriculture as a business,” he said.
Mbangweta explained that the project works with farmer groups to households who are expected to receive livestock packages which include but not limited to, dairy cattle, beef cattle, goats, village chickens and pigs as a pass on programme.

“Pass on means you receive for example, five goats then you pass on the five off spring that will be produced to another household,” he said.

He stated that the target of this programme is to reach 28,000 households comprised of 50% women and about 5% youth.