Pilato appeals for development of Shang’ombo

By Staff Reporter

Civil rights activist Chama Fumba commonly known as Pilato says politics for the sake of it is useless, a waste of time and resources.

In his latest Facebook posting Pilato said the people of Shang’ombo have been voting for years and yet could only show their voters’ cards for their democracy and green national registration cards to prove their citizenship.

“I write knowing that there are many other places that are equally marginalized and forgotten, only to be remembered during elections. If we are to develop as a country, we have to remember the people of Shang’ombo district and those that we have ignored in our pursuit for national development. The people of Shang’ombo cannot be used as pawns in the game of power and leave them behind when it’s time to share the national resources,” he said.

Pilato said he felt attached to the people of Shang’ombo while he felt the area was entrenched in him when he visited the place two weeks ago.

He appealed to President Lungu and his cabinet to remember the people of Shang’ombo.

Pilato added that the people of Shang’ombo are not beggars but were only let down by lack of government support to grow their own food.

“Give them a road to allow them easier accessibility to government services. Give the people clean water to drink. The good people of Shang’ombo are not prisoners of anyone, clean water is a right and as government you have a duty to serve them. If we allow political affiliation to overshadow our responsibilities as a people and government then we are failing as humans,” he stated.

“If the only thing you see in Shang’ombo district is politics and not the lives of great people then our own humanity is questionable. Shang’ombo has young and innocent children without a tincture of politics in them yet they have become victims of under development simply because they were born in Shang’ombo”.

Pilato challenged government to give the people of Shang’ombo district a road and clean water.