PF benefiting from breakdown of rule of law-HH

By Staff Reporter

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has accused the ruling PF government of supporting and fanning violence whilst benefiting from the breakdown of the rule of law.

Speaking in reaction after the launch at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Hichilema congratulated the church mother bodies for conducting a successful launch stating that “those who have stayed away have been exposed”.

“They were the ones who disrupted the commonwealth dialogue. They hid behind ZCID. Today as was agreed that the church would lead the process but they decide to stay away. It means they enjoy the violence going on in the country. It means they are benefiting from the breakdown of rule of law and the absence of human rights in our country. Anyone who calls themselves a leader must come to the fore so that we can work as a people to redeem our country” said.

Hichilema said just like the last meeting the majority of the stakeholders were in attendance disclosing that “Mr Lungu and I agreed, in our closed door meeting that the church would lead the process. We agreed, I confirmed I would attend, he confirmed he would attend. So what is happening, what is going on? Are we walking away from out commitment to solve the problems the people of Zambia are facing? The children who are suffering? The old, the weak? No, we should provide leadership now not tomorrow” he said.

And Socialist Party Secretary Dr General Cosmas Musumali said the dialogue process is necessary because the country is in a deep crisis because most Zambians are loosing trust in the political process.

“So without the political players coming together and trying to find a political solution, it is going to be very difficult for this country. We will end up like a Congo or one of those troubled countries> But again its starting on a very low key, the fact that the rulling party and the head of state is not looking at it as a priority makes it a very very difficult process. We appreciate the role of the church is playing the courage they are showing. This has always been the case in all of those countries that have found themselves in deep crisis that the church would rise to the occasion and the Zambian church is redeeming itself in this particular aspect” he disclosed.

Musumali was however quick to add that even though the political player involved have different  interests they are united in seeing the four key areas being spearheaded and hope that progress on these can be made in the next few years.

And adding his voice on the successful launch, Democratic Party secretary general Neddy Nzowa said his party welcomes the dialogue process because it is progressive step in the right direction.

“We are asking the Patriotic Front to reconsider their position in the interest of the country because they are the party in government and they should lead the way. Their absence here does not look good for them. They should be the ones leading the way” wondering why the Zambia Centre For Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) was absent and yet the political parties who are its members were present “who did they consult because the political parties are not aware” he asked.

And UPPZ president Charles Chanda said he doesn’t know why the dialogue process is called a reconciliatory dialogue process because he has no problem with any political party saying those who stayed away have their own reason.

“The church must be above everyone in this process. Those who are not here can still come on board because the process has not yet started. This was just a church service marking the launch” he said.