Oppressed class should rise up in Zimbabwe – political activist 

By Staff Reporter


OPPOSITION Socialist Party (Zambia) member, Faston Mwale says time has come for the exploited and oppressed class in Zimbabwe to collectively craft a leadership for itself and avoid relying on the current ZANU PF capitalist regime.


And Mwale has described the shooting of defenceless citizens in Zimbabwe very shameful and disgraceful to the government of that country.


Adding his voice to the ongoing fuel riots in Harare, Mwale said what was unfolding in Zimbabwe was a complete negation of humanity as every political leadership that was birthed and bred by capitalism would always antagonise the working class, the peasants and the progressive intelligentsia.


“This is true of the leadership of Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cronies. Unless and until capitalism falls, we will continue to suffer the humiliation and brutality at the hands of its lackeys. It is barely a year since the people took to the streets to rally behind the Junta in deposing Robert Mugabe from power whose leadership was embroiled in deep political crisis. But merely swapping faces of the political leadership does not guarantee justice, equity and a peaceful political climate,” he observed.

Mwale explained that “it is political naivety of the worst kind to chase away the wolves and hoping the hyenas would take care of the sheep. This metaphorical description fits the turbulent situation that has bedeviled our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe”.

He said a system that thrived on self-interest; exploitation, oppression and corruption, it could not guarantee social and economic progress of the broad masses.

Mwale said the contradiction between capital and labour could not be resolved by the generosity of the capitalist class but by the masses themselves.

“The widespread discontent of the working masses must herald the beginning of a fundamental shake off of the heavy darkness imposed on them by capital. The leadership of the ZANU PF has degenerated into a petty bourgeois cohort and is at the service of imperialist forces and not the toiling masses,” he said.


He said the shooting of the defenseless citizens and the disruption of their livelihoods was an indication that the ruling ZANU PF had joined the ranks of the common enemies of the people.