PeP dismayed with Esther Lungu’s trip to USA

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) is dismayed that government has assigned First Lady, Esther Lungu to travel to the USA with a mammoth delegation of 25 people, to go and receive three fire engines that were donated to Zambia.

In a statement, PeP president Sean Tembo said First Lady, Esther Lungu was not a government official to be representing the interests of the nation while the money used to finance such a huge delegation of 25 persons could actually buy 5 fire engines, so the trip was undertaken at a gross loss to the citizens.

“As PeP, we have reason to believe that Government essentially decided to fund a personal shopping spree of the First Lady to the United States, under the disguise of receiving donated fire engines, which constitutes a blatant abuse of poor people’s taxpayers’ money,” said Tembo.

He has called upon the Office of the Auditor General to scrutinize the trip by the First Lady, and issue a pronouncement on the matter.

“Additionally, we wish to appeal to the moral conscience of the First Lady, for her to consider refunding to the treasury, the sums of poor people’s taxpayers money that has been wasted on this trip. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we wish to reiterate our previous position that those who occupy public office at whatever level, must not use their acquired positions to engage in merry-making at the expense of poor people’s taxpayers’ money,” he said.