Take advantage of the dialogue for your safe exit – UPND

By Staff Reporter 


Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has told ruling Patriotic Front to take advantage of the dialogue process to negotiate for its safe exit government. 


In a statement UPND chairman for mines and freedom fighters Percy Chanda said PF should not be destructed by people who were serving self-interest.

Chanda said during the dialogue process all parties must be prepared to be factual and truthful in order to heal the injured souls. 

“Cheating, arrogance or half-truths will give chance to open up issues in the near future and no one will be blamed, not even the church will intervene. The success of this dialogue will depend on how sincere PF will be. Sincerity is the cornerstone of forgiveness, God will forgive you basing on the sins you disclose to Him. Should you be “clever” and hide some serious sins, God will not forgive you because you are being dishonest with yourself. The PF regime must forget about people that will abandon them when the time of reckoning comes,” said Chanda.


He said the onus of telling the truth lies with the PF regime.

“In fact when you look at some of these people in their eyes all you see is dishonest behaviour based on their personal survival. These are very desperate people who can do anything in order to survive. Today they are dancing for you tomorrow they will disclose what you did,” he warned. 

Chanda added that dialogue should be based on the truth and reconciliation as dishonesty could crumble the talks.

“Indeed, as a country we need to move forward and that’s why people are so expectant of what will come out of this dialogue. People misleading PF must stop being selfish. A lot of things have gone wrong under the PF leadership that requires answers now and not when most of you in PF will be spending what you have stolen on court cases and ultimately end up in prison. Yes, you are untouchable today but after losing power the same people saluting you will be the ones to arrest you,” he said.