Police in Kitwe arrest 13 in connection with mealie meal smuggling

By Staff Reporter


Police in Kitwe have arrested 13 people and impounded 4 trucks loaded with 2,900 bags of mealie meal destined for the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said in a statement that the suspects were intercepted in Kitwe by a joint operation mounted to prevent smuggling of mealie meal to DRC.

Katanga said the trucks were impounded on Friday around 22:00 hours and the 13 suspects detained for assembling with intent to smuggle the mealie meal into the DRC.

“We impounded a Scania ALT1 297 carrying 700 bags of mealie meal driven by Simata Kayama, 30, of House number NE4 Mupundu Street, Nchanga North – Chingola, a Volvo AGB 6568ZM carrying 800 bags of mealie meal driven by Mufunte Kenny, 50, of House number 37 Isunge Road, Chiwempala – Chingola, a Scania BAE 8120, carrying 700 bags of mealie meal driven by M/Maidon Samakayi, 26, of House number l 6118 off Dag Hamashot, Riverside – Chingola and Volvo AJE 1738 carrying 700 bags of mealie meal driven by Moses Simukoko, 34, of House number PB08 Mine Police Nchanga North – Chingola,” she explained

Katanga has named others arrested as Mukuka Mutale, 29, of Masala Ndola, Chomba Nkonkola, 28, of Lubengele Chililabombwe and Emmanuel Kabala, 48, of Lubengele Chililabombwe. Others are Kelvin Chishala, 30 of Simulungushi Chingola, Andrew Mpashi, 25 of Kasumbalesa, David Phiri, 36 of Chiwala Chingola, Mulenga Alinani, 17 of Kamba Drive Chingola, Proud Musonda, 25 of Nyati Chingola and Kent Muonga, 43 of Chikola Chingola.

She added that one of the suspects identified as Kent was driving a Toyota Allion BCB 4138ZM and was found with K 60,000.00 and a black Tauros pistol 9mm serial number TLP06511 with five rounds of ammunitions.

“All vehicles have since been impounded and taken to Kitwe Central while all suspects detained for assembling with intent to smuggle”, Katanga said.