Prioritise developmental projects, Mukosa urges Chinsali council 

By Staff Reporter

CHINSALI Central Member of Parliament Kalalwe Mukosa has urged Chinsali local authority to prioritise projects that benefit the people in the area.

Speaking during the breakfast show at Muchinga Radio Station on Thursday, Mukosa said it is sad to note that the local authority was failing to work on some roads in the district even after receiving funds for projects.

“Am wondering why the local authority has procured a vehicle worth over K700,000 without consulting relevant stakeholders. The council was supposed to use the money on the projects which have been stalled in order to benefit the people than buying a vehicle at high cost,” said Mukosa.

He said it was imperative to hold a meeting with councillors and other stakeholders to resolve the issues of roads in the area.

“The council receive equalization funds every month but I don’t see any progress in many projects in the district, the equalization funds should work in many projects but nothing much is happening and the councillors are not reporting all these issues, so if the councillors are quiet on these matters, how are they going to work?” he asked.

And when contacted for a comment Chinsali Mayor Thomas Mutale dismissed the allegations that the local authority procured a vehicle worth K700,000.

“The allegations of the price at which the vehicle was procured is not true and unfounded. The vehicle mentioned was bought at a total cost of K400,000, and it can be used by anyone in the council on official duties and not the Mayor as alone,” said Mutale

Mutale said all the procedures were followed to buy the said vehicle.