Lusaka water contamination was caused by sewer affluence – NWASCO 

By Staff Reporter

The National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) has disclosed that the water contamination in Lusaka last week was caused by sewage over flow experienced in the two boreholes located near the NAPSA housing complex in Nyumba Yanga, Malata area and parts of Ibex Hill.

NWASCO acting Director of Engineering Peter Mutale made the announcement during a press briefing at his office today (Wednesday) and stressed that the preliminary findings of water contamination in Lusaka on 9th January 2019 found that the water was affected by a microbial contamination found in water.

“From the investigations conducted, the contamination is suspected to have been caused by a sewage overflow that was reported from a housing block in close proximity to the boreholes and also the storm water from the Nyumba Yanga complex which is discharged near the borehole sight that may have infiltrated into the ground water system,” he said.

Mutale said the sewage over flow is believed to have occurred between the 29th and 31st of December 2018 and advertently flowed in the direction of the boreholes pointing out that the situation could have been worsened by heavy down poor, storm water runoff coming from the city’s poor waste management system.

“Furthermore, sporadic cases of sewage over flow were recorded around Nyumba Yanga around the same period preceding the start of the new year. These conditions as well as the ones mentioned here could have propelled the water contamination,” he said.

He emphasized that the chlorine residual applied in the two boreholes during the time was generally low and below the minimum required standards according to the initial two days investigations in most areas sampled.

“A borehole located inside NAPSA housing complex in Nyumba Yanga had no chlorination system fitted on it while two boreholes located on the periphery of the complex belonging to Lusaka water and sewerage had frequent blockages,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Water and Sewerage company managing director, engineer Johnathan Kampata has apologised to Lusaka residents for the contamination of water that affected some areas in Lusaka last week.

Speaking when he appeared on Hot FM’s breakfast show on Wednesday morning Kampata said the water utility company regretted that water was contaminated and were doing everything possible to ensure the problem did not re-occur.

“We are very sorry for the water contamination that some Lusaka residents experienced last week. To manage this, we have since increased the dosage of chlorine in the water at the source and worked on all potential leakages in order to protect the water from being contaminated. We have also fenced all the water source reservoirs and sealed them from trespassers,” he said.