MMD official claims his life under threat

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION MMD national executive committee member Peter Phiri fears for his life as some youths in the Felix Mutati faction are threatening violence on him.


Last week, Phiri was quoted by the media calling for an end to politics of witch hunt and antagonism.


In an interview, Phiri said last week’s article did not go well with the MMD youth wing in the Mutati camp, especially on the Copperbelt whom he claimed phoned and warned him to stop issuing statements as a party official.


“When that news article came out, some youths form the Copperbelt Province, in Ndola district to be specific, phoned and threatened to sort me out. They said that I have continuously been issuing press statements in the media as an MMD official on many issues affecting the nation. They also said that their camp does not recognise the MMD led by Dr Nevers Mumba,” Phiri explained.


“They phoned me using the mobile number 0955-116626 belonging to Honest Muyupi who is the Copperbelt youth group leader for Raphael Nakachinda. They threatened violence on me and told me that they can follow me to my home because they know where I stay.”


He explained that he reminded the caller that he was being recorded and that the recording would be presented to the police at an opportune time.


Phiri disclosed that he has since reported the matter to Kitwe Central Police Station.


“I even told this man by the name of Honest Muyupi, who was calling himself as a prophet; that I am reporting the matter to the police forthwith. He sounded jittery! Subsequently, I reported the matter to Kitwe Central Police Station since the threats on my life were being issued on me whilst I was in Kitwe. The police officer in charge by the name of Mr Mutti also took time to phone this prophet Honest Muyupi; advising him to stop issuing threats on me,” Phiri narrated.


Phiri said he did not see anything wrong in his press statements, saying he has always been advocating for civility and unity in politics.


“I have always been preaching civility, peace, unity and tolerance in the Zambian political arena. Above all, I have been advocating for electoral and judicial reforms if our governance system is to be relevant and in tandem with the tenets of democracy,” Phiri said.


“I don’t engage in political violence or political hooliganism or indeed vigilante type of politics. Even Raphael Nakacinda knows that I practice politics with civility. Therefore, I don’t see any wrong in the press statements that I have been issuing in order to ensure that there’s healing and reconciliation in our country. I belong to the new hope MMD where we believe in democracy, telling the truth and in the spirit on oneness. We can be politicking but in a civilised manner and not hooliganism.”


Phiri stated that he would not be intimidated by individuals that want to illegally hijack the leadership of the MMD.


“I wish to put it on record that I will not stop talking about the ills begetting our political arena. I will not be intimidated by individuals with an agenda to illegally hijack the MMD leadership,” stressed Phiri.


But when contacted for a comment, Muyupi refuted the allegations.

“No, no sir. At no time have I mobilised MMD youths on the Copperbelt to issue threats on Mr Phiri. In fact, it is Mr Phiri who called me so that I can incite youths in the districts of Copperbelt to rise against our national secretary Honourable Raphael Nakachinda,” Muyupi explained.


“As prophet Honest Muyupi from Ebenezer Deliverance Ministries Church, I am also in politics but we don’t want confusion on the Copperbelt and that’s why we have risen to preach the word of God.”


He further encouraged political leaders not to use young people as tools of political violence.


Muyupi said the MMD youths supported the current government so that they could have wisdom to lead the nation in harmony.